Friday, July 23, 2010


As Nick and I celebrated our Nine Year wedding anniversary this week, we have both been joyfully reflecting on all we are blessed with. We are so honored with so many wonderful friends and family in our lives - so many people who were there on that day nine years ago are still people that we communicate with very regularly and are an important part of our lives. We are lucky lucky lucky in the ways that REALLY matter.

Here is a snapshot that Kate took of us when we were on our way to a lovely anniversary dinner at our favorite restaurant, Meritage. The owners brought us complimentary champagne to toast with and we had a great meal with lots of laughs, conversation, and a nice evening stroll afterwards. Perfect.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Happy 9th Anniversary to the love of my life, Nick! "Blessed" does not even begin to describe my life. Love. Love. Love. (Note - scroll down to the bottom of this post to mute the automatic music if you want to hear the music with this slideshow).

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Water Bugs

I love being ON the water (though I do venture in). Nick and the kids love being IN the water. As much as possible. All the time. They have had so much fun this summer. Good thing, too, because a recent terrible ear infection in Liam (resulting in a ruptured ear drum) may have put the hold on water activities for a while. But here are some snaps of the great fun that has been had (by Nick and Kate in particular!)

Kate on the waterski trainer.

Daddy and Daughter.

Kate and Nick tubing together. They love it.

Kate INSISTS on jumping from the tube and swimming to the boat. None of this towing her in stuff. She wants to do it herself. Big girl.

Kate and Nick in the lake. Foot waves. Sillies.

Summer Fun!

Some pics of our summer fun.....

Liam slamming base in a game of baseball by the lake.

Nick knocking it out of the park :)

Speaking of baseball, here are Nick and Kate catching a Twins game. They went with Nick Morris (Nick's friend from college who just happened to marry my sister, Erin! :) and cousin Jack!

The Harris and Morris kiddos - ready to hit the pool. Too bad they don't get along at all (wink wink)

The Morris and Harris kiddos at the Harris house for dinner after a playdate.

The Fourth!!!

We had a classic, americana, red white and blue day at the lake on the Fourth of July! The lane hosts it's very own parade in the morning, comprised of mostly neighbors in their decorated cars, the local vet pulling kids in a wooden wagon on the back of his tractor, people walking their pets, and finally the local firetruck "woop wooping" down the lane. It is so much fun. The kids love it and all the neighbors are out smiling and chatting. We followed up with a game of baseball lakeside, bbq, and finally a terrific fireworks show on the lake, observed from the boat. Happiness. Defined.

On Gramps' boat waiting for the fireworks to start.


Gramps, Nia, and Buddy the Dog.

Kate and her cousin Mia.

The Four Harris people and the Harris dog, Darby. Waiting for the parade.

Miscellaneous Pics

Captain Gramps

Erin is visiting from New York and it is wonderful to see her (and her expectant tummy!)

A pic from Date Night in Vegas

At Jillian's Bridal Shower

LOOK AT THIS FACE! I am so in love.

Thousand Lakes

Not going to lie. We have been loving the lakes this summer. Minnesota summers are glorious and we are taking full advantage of our access to the water!

Some grown up time in the tubes - with some cold beverages.

Nick Tubing - he loves it.

I love this man.

Typical Minnesota lake sunset view.

The kids and Darby on Gramps' boat.

Kites in the Desert

This June I flew to Tucson to participate as a delegate at Theta's Grand Convention. Every two years this convention is held and I am blessed to have been a part of it multiple times. It is always an inspiring, heartwarming, invigorating and wonderful experience. Spending time with 700 women who all work hard to promote the best in each other is one of the greatest joys I have. From college aged-women to women who have been Thetas for over 50 years, each person that I encountered was delightful, warm, and wonderful. I participated in legislation, met with the women that I advise and work with, led some meetings and presentations, and kicked up my heels on "Fun Night". As always, I walked away sad to leave so many great friends, but excited for the year to come and all the plans the organization has.

With the women from the chapter at the University of Missouri. They won the highest award that Theta has to offer - the Founders Award. I have the privilege of advising this chapter and was honored to witness their accomplishment.

With women who attended Butler and are members of Gamma chapter, too! Great ladies!

Vegas Fun

To celebrate my graduation, Nick and I joined our dear friends Erin and Joe for a little jaunt to Vegas! We had the most wonderful and relaxing of times laying by the pool by day and dining and dancing at night. Best of all was the terrific company. We really love Las Vegas. Gambling really isn't a part of it - we like the energy, the options, the dining, the people watching, the climate! It is for sure a repeat vacation destination for us and is a great quick getaway. We had the best time and someday we'll be back!

Dinner with Erin and Joe at Tao.

Cheering Joe on at Blackjack at Planet Hollywood Casino.

View from the Bellagio fountain. The show was actually cancelled due to the windy conditions - hence my hairdo :)

Out for a night of dancing

A lovely french bistro dinner.


The end of the school year saw shows from both Kate and Liam. Kate participated in her annual dance recital. This year they were dancin' dinos! She did a super job and loved every minute of it. Stage Fright is not a word in this girl's vocabulary. She was a darling dancing dino and we loved cheering her on! Liam ended his preschool year with a fun show of songs with his classmates. Funny story - Nick got stuck in traffic and showed up in the middle of the show. Ever observant, Liam (front and center on stage) noticed Nick sneaking in late and announced, mid-song and at the top of his voice "DAD! Just so you know, you did not see all the songs". He was smiling and thrilled to see Nick, but just wanted to let him (and everyone) know that one little bit of information. The giggles among the parents (and us) were aplenty. Nick and I could barely keep it together we were laughing so hard. The tardiness did not bother Liam a tad - he grinned widely and enthusiastically finished his show.

The Dancing Dino! You cannot see the tail in this pic - it was too cute.

Flowers from Daddy.

Liam after his show.


So. I graduated! It was really special to participate in the graduation ceremony to receive my Masters in Organizational Leadership. I really love my field of study. Hopefully I honor the degree with great work! THANK YOU to my wonderful family (and babysitters!) who helped me get through this and respected the journey and understood when I was stressed, frazzled, tired, or cranking out a paper while wiping runny noses and making grilled cheese sandwiches all at once. :) I love my family. They are the best support in the world. The kids were incredible throughout. Kate's smile when I received my diploma was the best reward. Ever.

Wonderful North Shore

Nick and the kids "on the edge of the world"

Siblings. Hiking

After a family picnic on the rocks.

More North Shore

On the hike to devil's kettle.

After our picnic by the waterfall on the hike to devil's kettle

Daddy and Daughter.

Father and Son. After a long day hiking.

The Game Room at the Lodge. A Fierce Battle. :)