Thursday, June 18, 2009

3-year-old civil disobedience

Maggie to Liam after a particularly ornery act on his part: "Buddy, you are on THIN ice. You better watch it or I am going to call your Dad and let him know about your behavior."

Liam, looking me full in the face with an honest yet impish look on his face: "Not if I hide the phones first."

Are you kidding me?!!!!!!!

Break it down

Here is some video of the kids breaking it down after a long day to some tunes that were on TV. Too funny.

Pie, anyone?

On our recent trip to the North Shore, we stopped at the famous "Betty's Pies".


Delicousness defined, folks.

Check out the pics - you can see our dilemma in selecting, so each of the four of us got a different kind of slice and shared! Yummy. Which one would you pick?

Kate got apple crunch.

Liam got 5 Layer Chocolate. Maggie got Bumbleberry and Nick got Great Lakes Crunch.

Let's Go Red Sox!

Go Red Sox! I am very very lucky to have a Theta friend here who has season tickets to the Minnesota Twins. Fortunately, she understands my love for the Red Sox and is kind enough to let me use the tickets when the Red Sox play the Twins! So I get a little Boston love. This year Nick and I went to a game, and I took my Dad to another game. Peanuts and cracker jacks were enjoyed by all. Such a great time. The Sox won both games that we attended!

Me and my awesome, wonderful, superfantastic Dad at the Red Sox game.

Yes, Papelbon was that close! Tix right by the Red Sox bullpen. Nice.

Tiny Dancer

Kate the great had her second annual dance recital! This year her routine was a "jazz" style routine with the theme of the animated "Hello Kitty". It was too cute, with Japanese music and adorable moves. She sparkled like a star and did a fantastic job. She absolutely loves her dance classes and just revels in the performance aspect. Too darn cute! Nick loved gifting his little princess with some pink and purple roses at the big event.

Here is Kate in the car seat in the "Theatre Outfit" that she surprised me by picking out herself. Pretty much right on target for the dance crowd - black leggings, black t, and a funky hat. Very Audrey Hepburn of her in "Funny Girl" :)

Kate and her Daddy with the flowers he surprised her with.

Kate in her Hello Kitty Costume, complete with stage makeup.

Kate and her Kitty Krew. :)

Too darling!

A Superior Trip

Oh how we love the North Shore! A couple of years ago, Nick and I had gone on a trip to the northern shores of Lake Superior and just loved it. This year, we decided to take the kids along for a mini family vacay. We rented a log cabin that perched directly over the rocky shore of Superior. Our views stretched to the horizon and we spent WONDERFUL days with the kids just hiking around the trails and exploring. We saw waterfalls and little critters, climbed over rocks and tossed pebbles into the lake. We made huge family breakfasts in the log cabin, grilled out for dinner, and gazed at the velvet blanket of sky at night with no light to be found anywhere except for the MILLIONS of starts - complete with shooting ones. It was an absolutely fantastic trip with memories I will treasure forever. We had so much fun that we stayed an unplanned extra night - we did not want to leave! And Liam still regularly asks for "the wood house".

Liam pitching a huge rock into the lake.

The kids scaling the staircase at Split Rock Lighthouse.

Gooseberry Falls

A great hike.

Nick and the kids at Gooseberry Falls.

Superior trip

Kate at the Lutsen lodge playing air hockey. Fierce concentration! :)

Sweet Kate enjoying a Shirley Temple on our one night to dine out on our trip.

Liam enjoying a chocolate milk treat on our one night dining out.

The kids playing on the shore after throwing lots of rocks back into the lake.

Kids trekking into the cabin.

Mooore Superior

Reading and snuggling in the cozy quilted bed after baths and a long happy fresh air day.

Starting the day off with some puzzles.

This was our view from the cabin. Coffee in the morning to this....not too shabby.

Just a lovely pic from one of our hikes.

Liam checking out the cascade.

Continued Superior-ness

Nick and Liam on the flow at Cascade.

Kate and Mags on the flow at Cascade.

Look closely! You can see Nick and the kids on the outcropping over the falls there!

Kate taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.

Liam on the Moose outside of one our favorite shops in Grand Marais - the Gunflint Mercantile. Terrific place! They are online!

Even More Superior

We had lots of fun family game time at the cabin. Here is Kate playing "Guess What I Am" - kind of like 20 questions, with props! :)

Liam playing "Guess What I Am"

Nick demonstrating proper dunking technique to Liam. O-R-E-O

We were playing "Old Maid" (remember that game?) and Liam LOVED it. He thought it was absolutely hilarious whenever he got the Old Maid. He actually wanted to get the old maid card. Too funny.

Liam and Nick on the chair lift up to the Alpine Slide.

And More Superior Times

Kate on the chair lift going up to the alpine slide.

Nick and the kids with the alpine slides. Ready to go! Lake Superior in the background.

Kate and Mags on the gondola ride up to Moose Mountain.

Maggie showing off her "road rash" from the alpine slide incident. Kind of hilarious, actually.

Liam and his camera that we gave him for the trip (disposable). He took it very seriously! :)

More Superior Times

A hike on Moose Mountain

Nick and the kids on spur trail Moose Mountain. Fun hike!

View from Moose Mountain - lots of damage, still, from the ice storm in March which was quite devastating.

Kate curling up with a book in the cabin.

The view from our cabin. Insanely beautiful.

Bring on the mortar boards!

Kate and Liam graduated from Preschool! Well, Kate graduated FOR REAL. She is moving on to Kindergarten in the fall! I cannot believe it. I just cannot believe it. She is smart and sweet and darling and fun and tall! She went to kindercamp at the start of summer and loved it. Liam still has two years of preschool left, but they both put on a great performance at their final show/graduation ceremony. Too cute. Liam is hilarious and a smarty pants. He is rough and tumble and a snuggle bug all at once. He melts my heart daily.

Here is Kate on her final class trip to the zoo.

Me with my kindergartner to be!!!! WHOA!

Liam and Nick at Liam's graduation show.

Liam the big boy with his diploma.