Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Cuteness

My dear friend found this terrific little frock for Kate in Boston. Kate loves it and told me she feels like a Tinkerbell Fairy in it (we are reading a series of chapter books about fairies right now, so she is slightly obsessed). Here is a pic of Kate in her "Fairy Frock". When I was snapping her, Liam got jealous and said "picture of me, too, Mom" and then he turned on the charm. Enjoy!

Summer Cuteness

Here are some pictures of Liam and an ice cream treat. He is just about the cutest thing around, I must say. I can hardly stand it. :)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Worlds Collide

It seems that Nick's array of work experience has melded into one perfect professional circle.  He is enjoying his new position and was out of town this week visiting an Air Force base as a civilian to see some of the 3M product in action.  Here is a picture of Nick with a plane (oh gosh, I am in trouble - is it an F16? I have no me out USAFA buddies! Nick is traveling so I cannot ask).  Pretty cool that the plane is protected with 3M product! :)  Sounds like Nick had a good trip. I told him I thought he looked pretty good lookin' in this shot and he told me it must be the plane. ;)