Friday, September 25, 2009

Reaching the Rio Grande

We did it! We hiked down to the edge of the Rio Grande in the middle of backcountry New Mexico. Love it!

More New Mexico Hiking

We came upon this on our hike. Something BIG had something BIG to eat! Ack!

Nick hiking through a wooded glen

Coming out of the wooded glen into the desert canyon

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Hiking

More amazing hiking!!!! New Mexico Rocks!

Bandelier Hiking

Our 5+ mile hike into Bandelier Backcountry was astounding! We went from evergreen mountain cliffs to woodland glens to canyon floors and desert brush - all the way down to the Rio Grande, passing waterfalls and crossing streams along the way. It was hiking heaven!!!!!

The start of our hike

Loving the hike!

"Ford every streeeaaaam"

Pak, Jillian, and Nick checking out the peaceful beauty.

"Climb every mountaaaiiiiin"

Bandelier Dwellings

We headed out to Bandelier National Park to explore the cave dwellings there and to do some excellent hiking. Here are some pics from the dwelling loop, which we did first before our 5+mile hike into backcountry.

Petroglyph = amazing!

Here we are in a cave dwelling - had to climb a ladder to get inside

Nick peeking out of a cave

Monday, September 21, 2009

We Made It!

After over 4 miles of hiking, most uphill, we made it! Well worth it - stunning views.


Traveling through the slot canyons was AMAZING!

Hiking Delight

I have never gone through such varied terrain in one hike. From pure desert sand and cacti to canyons low and high with evergreens sprouting in the most unlikely places...hiking heaven.

More Kasha-Katuwe

The rock formations are so amazing! You can see why they are called "Tent Rocks". This was such a privilege to see.


Today we did one of the coolest hikes I have EVER done. We explored Tent Rocks in New Mexico, or Kasha-Katuwe. Nick, Patrick, Jillian and I hiked through desert canyons past some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen to about 6700 feet for a gorgeous view. It was strenuous in parts, but well worth it. Every way one turned, there was another amazing sight to see.

The Rio Grande

After we explored the town of Taos we took a drive over to the VERY impressive Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. HOLY HEIGHTS!!!!!! It was a bit scary (for Maggie) to stand in the middle of the incredibly high bridge that vibrated as cars drove over it as we peered dooowwwwwnnnnn below to the River. But it was breathtaking!