Thursday, August 02, 2007


Kate has been full of funny quips and new vocabulary words these days. Here are a few recent funny phrases/moments:

1. On a day when she was, shall we say, a little misbehaved, Kate got on the phone with a friend of mine. When Julie asked how Kate was doing, Kate replied "Ummm....I was a little rude today, I am having an off day!" :)

2. When asked what her favorite number is, Kate replied "MY favorite number is ONE, because there is only ONE ME!!!!"

3. Kate sat working on writing her name and was a little bit meticulous about perfecting the letter "K". When my Mom asked her what she was up to she said with great emphasis and seriousness, "I am CONcentwating on making the letter K!"

4. Kate was playing hairdresser with me this morning. At her insistence she stood on the ottoman while I sat in the chair. I was the client, she was the stylist. In attempting to hold a comb and a brush in one hand, she kept dropping the comb on the floor. She would climb off the ottoman, pick up the comb and start over. After the 5th time of this happening, she let out a very exasperated huffing noise and exclaimed "I am VEWY FWUSTATED RIGHT NOW BY THIS!!!!!!"

She cracks me up.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

35W Bridge Collapses in Minneapolis....We are Safe

Phone lines are jammed here in Minnesota, but we have already received lots of phone calls and emails and I wanted to post that all the Harris crew - as well as Patrick - are home and safe and were not part of the tragic bridge collapse in Minneapolis. It happened very close to Patrick's loft and is blocks from the University where I spend a lot of time working, but neither of us were anywhere near it today. Nick is still at work far away from this accident, though his commute home may take a while because all traffic is backed up. Prayers for all the people and families affected by this inexplicable accident....we are supposed to get rain and it is near nightfall, so please pray for all the people involved and for our rescue workers. I hope all my Minnesota friends are home and safe as well.