Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Miscellany

We have had the Morris family here for three weeks. It has been WONDERFUL. Basically the children played nonstop for 3 weeks. Here are some random snaps.

Dress up is very big with the girls. The boys were feeling left out. Here is Liam playing dress up in his Dad's old Captain desert uniform from when Nick was at PSAB in Saudi Arabia. Nick gets SUCH a huge kick out of this and just loves it.

Kate is getting so big I can hardly believe it. She is so smart and sweet and funny. She and the cousins made forts out of the bunk beds at Nia's and I regularly found all the kids sitting around Kate as she read aloud to them of her own volition. 'Atta girl!

Here is the cousin Sweet Baby Emme. She is such a doll. What good GOOD baby. We love her oodles. And Kate is especially dear with her.

Liam and Mia - born one day apart. They got along beautifully. All the kids did!

Kate, Jack, and friend Annabelle in the pool. TONS of pool time.

She's An All American Girl

My sister, mother, and I took Kate and Mia on a wonderful girly outing - to the American Girl store. Both girls brought their look-alike dollies and we all dressed up to go have "tea". It was SO much fun and the girls absolutely LOVED it. The staff there puts on a great experience for the young ladies and treats each of them - and their dolls - as if they were the absolute most important things in the whole world. I love the message of independence, strength, and girl power that they convey there....all while showing that one can be a lady while conquering the world.

We had a great time. Here are some pics!

Kate's Doll (Lily) enjoying her pink lemonade. They have special high chairs so the dolls sit at the table with you.

Kate enjoying her delicious lunch. She ate every bite.

Too excited.

Kate, Nia, and Mia! Three American Girls.

Kate and Mia at the entrance to the American Girl Store. Look how EXCITED they are!!!

Eight Years!

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Nick and I celebrated our eighth year of marriage on July 21! We realized that we have actually been together for 10 years this summer. How time flies. We feel so blessed and love our life!

Reflecting on all this wonderful-ness, I realized that we don't really have an "album" for our wedding. As it turns out, our photographer was absolute garbage (neto studios in Boston - don't EVER patron his business....he stunk). Thankfully we were not out a lot of bucks (should have been the first clue - how cheap he was!) but because most of the pics were so crummy, we never ordered an album. This was also before everything was digital (only eight years! progress!) so we only have negatives and proofs. I did my best to salvage a few shots of his, along with snaps from various people, digitize them, edit them, and compile them in a modern day "virtual" album! So now we have SOMETHING to commemorate the event other than my wedding dress downstairs in the basement.

Granted, not all the pics are the best, and there were some pixellation/flash issues when digitized, but it gets the job done. A nice little celebration of the best thing that ever happened to me! Enjoy!