Monday, October 31, 2005

Kate the Baby Jaguar with a big bowl of Halloween Candy. Please note the pink bows on the ears, which she insisted on! ;) She calls herself a baby jaguar instead of leopard because one of her favorite shows is "Go, Diego, Go" - an animated show about rescuing animals in the jungle. On the show, Diego has a pet "baby jaguar" and that is what Kate is. When you ask her what a baby jaguar says she answers "Rawr, Rawrrrrrrr" with a growly face. She loved Halloween and had so much fun! Thanks to Popsi and Aunt Mary Ann for the cute costume!

Mom and Kate going trick or treating! Dad stayed behind while we did one side of our block. Then Mom manned the candy bowl at home while Dad and Kate did the other side of the block! All the neighbors loved seeing Kate and she said "Trick or Treat", "Thank You" and "Happy Hawoweeeen" at EVERY house. So fun!

I love candy!!!

This cat is ready to roar! Let's go get some candy!

Kate and her friend, and our next door neighbor, Aidan - two jungle cats!

Our pumpkin family!

Getting into the Halloween spirit

Helping load the dishwasher while accessorizing with parasol.

Kate relaxing in her jumper from Nana after a morning at church


Helping load the dishwasher while holding a parasol!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Very serious here......

Getting started on a masterpiece.....

Kate is SO excited about the new Easel that her Aunt Erin, Uncle Nick, and Cousin Jack got her for her birthday! Here she is getting ready to do some serious painting.......

Kate and her Dad - I think Nick had been working on the upstairs remodel for a long while at this point and they were both so glad to have some time together!

Kate and her big girl pony tails!

Kate got a fairy princess dress up kit for her Birthday since she loves princesses right now. One morning as I was making breakfast she ran into the dining room all dolled up as a Pajama Fairy Princess, complete with tiara, wings and magic wand. She put it all on herself and had a blast!

Here is Kate absolutely LOVING her visit to the Rainforest Cafe! Such a cute 2-year-old!

We followed our excursion at Camp Snoopy with a trip to one of Kate's Favorites "The Rainforest Cafe". She loves all the tropical fish and "animals". Here she is zoning out with her milk while she watches the fish tank.

Kate, Nick and I all went on a Birthday outing - just the three of us - the day after Kate's birthday. We went to Camp Snoopy and Kate rode all the rides with her Dad, including the tot coaster, the hot air balloons, the merry-go-round and more. She LOVED it! She kept asking to "go again, Daddy!"

Kate enjoying her Birthday Cake.

Kate and her neighbor friend Aidan blowing bubbles at her bday party. Kate is showing him how it is done, of course! ;)

Here is a shot of her Birthday Garb! She wanted a butterfly party and she got one!

Kate loved her butterfly themed birthday party - complete with cake. She blew out the candles all by herself - after singing "Happy Birthday" out loud to herself along with everyone else!

Friday, October 21, 2005

October was a really big month for all of us! The pic above is Kate with her suitcase because she got to spend almost a week with her Nana while Nick and I went on a trip to London! It was wonderful! This followed a terrific second birthday for Miss Kate. And the most RECENT amazing news is that Kate is going to be having a little BROTHER! Yes, the ultrasound has confirmed that we are having a BOY! We are so excited! Kate will be a terrific big sister! In other news, look for a post about the remodel soon - Nick has been putting Bob Vila to SHAME and as soon as I have time to get some pics taken and uploaded, I will write a little blurb about it all. It looks amazing. We are so very blessed and lucky to have each other - and all the wonderful friends and family that bring us joy. Thanks to all!