Saturday, March 24, 2012

Made it!

Well, we survived an entire year of Nick traveling extensively to Florida and beyond! While having him gone between 60-75% of the time was rough at times, we really managed well! Not to mention his frequent flyer and hotel points benefitted nicely! :)

While he is still connected to that project, he will not be gone as regularly as before (though he IS heading to France today for work). This is a pic of the two of us in Florida - I recently got to go visit him and see where he had been all year! It was wonderful to meet his FL co-workers. Lovely people who made him feel at home always. So grateful for the people in our professional lives - so proud of Nick and his work!

Super Six

The boy turned SIX!! Where did *that* time go?!

He had a super birthday full of fun and friends. He celebrated with his buddies at "Pump it Up" and had a terrific time.

Happily Ever After...Gowns

It is Spring! Of course that means I am very busy gearing up for our EIGHTH annual prom boutique event! Here are some pics of our beautiful invitations ready to be mailed. We really try to make this a complete lovely experience for our guests. Learn more at


Oh joy! I am an auntie again! My brother and Jillian welcomed healthy, handsome Finn this month! We are all completely in love with him - as you can see!