Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter fun

From basket finds to hunting eggs...lovely Easter.

Happy Easter!

Hope everybunny has a wonderful Easter!

Little Fish

Kate has really taken to swimming. I have to admit at first I was nervous about having a "swim kid". Growing up both my siblings were competitive swimmers. I spent endless amounts of time driving them to the gym in the cold dark and sitting on  hard bleachers doing my homework while they practiced. Countless weekends and family vacations were forfeited for road trips to some important swim meet or another. I had absolutely no interest in the sport for myself. It was always exciting to see my siblings actually compete - but oh the amount of "downtime"!!!

Imagine my surprise as the tables completely turn when it is one's own child! Kate has really taken to the sport and enjoys it immensely. Further, she has a talent for it! With an Aunt and Uncle who were NCAA swimmers, I guess it is natural for her. She is a great little backstroker and is not too shabby in the freestyle either. IN fact, just this week she made it to State CAA Finals!!!!!!!

It was so exciting for her to swim at the University of Minnesota pool. She was in the 25 back and 100 Free Relay. She had personal best performances for both events. Their relay absolutely kicked butt and were lengths ahead. Most of all, though, it was her sportsmanship that had me bursting with pride. She claps and cheers on her teammates and reaches down to help them out of the water. She is endlessly positive and kind and hard working. I am so proud of our little swimmer.


If I am going to go eons between posts, I may as well have the streak-breaking post be a good one. As such, I am posting a little video I made of my recent travels to Paris! No, not the trip from last summer for our anniversary, but a new one!  I have been doing some work for a travel company that a dear friend of mine created. As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to do some research and development in Paris last week. Even LUCKIER, Nick happened to find himself in Paris at the same time for a trade show. We did not get to see each other much, really - though we did have one spectacular date night together after his trade show obligations were over.  He worked in a conference center all day long and be at business meetings/dinners at night and I got to meander, literally meander, around Paris and the outskirts. He had to leave for the US before I did, so essentially it was a solo trip with a glimpse of the hubby now and then.  I am not complaining. And he was wonderfully supportive in my travels and adventures.

More on this soon, but for now, here is a visual recap of some of the fun. There is lot that did not make it in here...but these are highlights.