Monday, December 21, 2009

Accentuate the Positive....

With the end of 2009 approaching, I cannot help but reflect on our many blessings and all the wonderful things to come. This year Liam started preschool, Kate entered Kindergarten, Nick and I celebrated eight years of marriage, and we got a dog! We got to travel quite a bit as Nick gave away his beautiful bride of a sister at her Las Vegas wedding, we took a family trip to the North Shore of Minnesota, vacationed without the kiddos in New Mexico, and concluded the year celebrating the marriage of my best friend in Longboat Key, FL. (It just occurred to me that this is the 'Cliffs Notes' version of our blog if you don't feel like scrolling through the last year). Kate is tearing through chapter books and stunning us with her constant joy and thoughtfulness and Liam is a ball of energy and delight who would be pleased to play with trucks and diggers 24/7. Nick's job keeps him traveling and busy, but he gets in good personal time. He still runs and shoots hoops and now also can boast a top position in the Twin Cities darts league. All this and he still remains the most active and engaged father I know. From Saturday morning pancake making with the kids to bedtime stories, he is always there for them. And for me! I have managed to come to the 3/4 mark of grad school, with the help of my entire family. I have a loving and supportive husband, helpful parents, understanding children, and fantastic babysitters. I continue to be involved in Ever After Gowns and Kappa Alpha Theta - both of which bring me so much personal joy and satisfaction. All in all, our blessings are abundant and far outweigh any daily stressors. It is darn hard to balance everything for sure, but gosh what a good problem to have! My Rheumatoid Arthritis remains in good check for the most part and we just continue to wake up every day so thankful for the love and blessings that we have. Most of all, we are always aware of all the wonderful people that touch our lives and bring us so much support and friendship. We look forward to 2010! I will have an intense first 5 months with the completion of my thesis and my graduation in May - - and by default Nick and the kids will have a bit of a ride as well. We strive to stop and reflect on the blessings as often as possible and be grateful always.

Best to you and yours as the new year approaches! Cheers to 2010!

Kate at one of the highlights of her year - her first Broadway Show experience! "Mary Poppins"!

If I had to describe Liam, this pic would do it. You cannot see his fingers, but if you could, you would see us securely wrapped around them! :)

Nick and Maggie at a wedding in Florida. Great way to cap off the year.