Friday, October 02, 2009

Kate is a little bit excited!

Kate was beyond excited to receive this gift from her Auntie Erin and family. "It's a teacup pup, don't you know?"

Kate is SIX!!!!

How is it possible that we have a six year old?! She is so bright and beautiful and warm and funny and sweet. We could not be more proud. Happy Birthday, Kate!

Kate and her lovely bday cake! :)

The Birthday Girl with her Dad!

Yum! Red Velvet Cake!

Kate EXTREMELY excited about her bday gift from Uncle Pak and Miss Jillian - a barbie horse.

Kate and her Gramps.

Loretto Chapel - Santa Fe

This little chapel was beautiful! If you want to read the legend around the staircase, google the miraculous staircase of the Loretto Chapel. Neat!

Some fun around Santa Fe

Some more pics of our fun in Santa Fe

Enjoying yummy food at Coyote Cantina

Are we in PARIS or New Mexico?! We found a great little french place called "Clafoutis" and enjoyed crepes, baguettes, cafe, and more at a delicious decadent breakfast. Delish.

Nick enjoying cocktails at the WONDERFUL "Library Bar" at La Posada.

Standard fare for us on this trip. Guac, Chips, Salsa, and Margs. Happiness.