Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blankies and Bedtime Stories and Dinosaurs, Oh my!

Lately Liam has added something to his bedtime ritual. He is so good at bedtime and has a pretty even ritual of pjs, brushing teeth, story, song, prayers, then bed. He goes right down, sweetly says good night and we rarely hear a peep from him until morning. Knock on wood. That mostly remains unchanged - but now he has added another little quirk that has been going on for days now and progressed to the following scene last night: 

The Scene:

Door gently closes after Liam's bedtime. I move into Kate's room for her bedtime ritual. Where silence used to reign, now Liam calls out with great insistence:


I at first gently told him "There are no dinosaurs are in your room, Liam."


Then I added "No dinosaurs are allowed in our house, buddy. They know not to come in here!"


Being a sucker, I went in, did a quick check for dinosaurs, and declared the room dinosaur free.


Last night Little Miss Kate, fed up apparently, marched over to Liam's closed door and put her face right up to the crack in the door and declared with great emphasis "BUDDY, there are NOT dinosaurs in your room. That is IMPOSSIBLE, buddy, because DINOSAURS are EXTINCT."

No more dinosaur talk. Just leave it to Kate.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Beckham

Here is Kate bending it like Beckham....


Nick sent me a pic that he had snapped by a co-worker on top of the Arc de Triomphe. Lucky guy! I am glad that between his Sunday there and his time with some of the co-workers that he is getting to see some of Paris other than office buildings. Tres cool! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


 - It is terrific to be home from my lengthy travels to Georgia and Florida.  I love our little home and it is so nice to be back. I loved traveling, but I love coming home.

-  It stinks to be here without Nick. It stings a little bit extra because he is in the most romantic city in the world and I am not with him! :) He is in Paris for work right now. His hotel window literally looks upon the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. He just called me from a cafe where he is dining alone on a late LATE dinner, enjoying the French fare after a very long work day.  He is working is tush off, so it is not like I could hang out with him, but he did get there on Sunday so got to do a whirlwind tour of Paris on his one free day.  Wish I could share his small amount of downtime with him and chat over a glass of French wine in the Paris evening.

-  Liam is hilarious. Today while we were reading books together he started stroking my arm and said "Mommy, I love your sprinkles.  Will I have sprinkles?"  It took me a second to realize that he meant my FRECKLES.  That is by far the absolute cutest term I have ever heard for my freckles.  He then proceed to point out any freckles he has (only a few really) pointing to his arm saying "I have a sprinkle here!" Pointing to his foot and saying "And I have another sprinkle here. But Mommy has lots and lots of sprinkles!"  

Girl Power

After our family vacay, I attended my sorority convention as an Officer. The convention was in Miami and was incredible - - hundreds and hundreds of women meeting to help plan for the future of social, intellectual and moral development of women of all shapes and sizes, races and creeds. It was a fantastic event. I was honored to present on two topics - one on philanthropy and one Public Relations through Online Social Media. Both were well received and I am relieved that months of preparation by so many, on so many different topics, paid off. In addition we raised over $40,000 for the Foundation which does everything from grant scholarships and leadership opportunities to women to aiding them in times of crisis. My association with these women remains one of the finest and most rewarding experiences of my life. I am so proud to be a Theta! :)

This is a picture of me and our outgoing Grand Council President, Karen Ledbetter. She is such a lady. I adore her!

We are all Gamma graduates from Butler. Out chapter was founded in 1874! Isn't that incredible?!  

My dear friend, Kory, and I got to spend some time at the spa before convention began. Such a fun day with one of my most fun friends!

One of the chapters that I work with as their Public Relations District Director (University of Missouri) won the highest award for Public Relations out of all the chapters in existence. I am so proud of them for their achievement! Here I am with their chapter president and the lovely award.

Fun in the Sun....

...And I've got the Freckles to prove it! And so does Kate's little button nose


Beach babies

On the Town

Nick and I, thanks to my awesome folks, got to have a night on the town in Miami after the kids went to bed. We had so much fun - and just the right number of Mojitos. :) It was such a fun night of watching the Celtics win, chatting, enjoying live music and a cocktail or two, and even dancing! I am such a lucky girl.

Bienvenido a Miami

We just got to spend some wonderful time together as a family in Miami! Nick, the kids and I visited my parents in Florida and stayed at their terrific home in downtown Miami. The children were absolute angels and we had the best time. One of my favorite memories is the first night in Miami....Nick and I had put the kids to bed in the same room and then Nick and I went to the living room to relax with my folks. After a few minutes, we heard giggles and whispers and chit chat coming from the bedroom. Kate and Liam were just having the best little secret time in there - trying not to get caught at being awake (and not succeeding) and giggling when they thought they were getting away with. It was hilarious and Nick and I really had to compose ourselves in order to even open the door and tell them to settle down. I so remember the times lying awake with my sister as a kid at my Grandma's - long past bedtime - whispering and giggling and plotting and planning. I hope the kids have the same wonderful memories. It certainly was a fantastic trip, with trips to the beach, the pool, going for Gelato and spending wonderful time with Nia and Gramps. Kate and Liam LOVED LOVED the beach, which was so sand-barred that it seemed as if the kids were walking on water for ages. Perfect for kids and so calm and lovely.

Love them!

I just adore these two! They really are just the best buddies and are so sweet with one another.

Another Grand Ol' Day

As is annual tradition, the Grand Old Days Parade and Festival came to our neighborhood and we had a terrific time as a family! I love that just blocks down the road we can stroll to a day full of friends, family, music, food and fun. The weather was gorgeous and Nick, Patrick, the kids and I had a blast. Here are some pics of parade watching, treats and lemonade!

Minnesota is Marvelous

We have had a lovely early summer in Minnesota! The weather has been lovely and we have been spending a ton of time in the backyard BBQ'ing and toasting s'mores (as evidenced by Liam's "vewy vewy sicky fingews") and hanging out. Here are some pics.