Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Kate asked me for a turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch today. I only had ham, so she got ham. As she was eating the ham, she was peering at it curiously and this conversation followed:

Kate - calmly inspecting her ham: Mom, where does ham come from?

Me (knowing what was coming, and not really in the mood for this conversation): The grocery store. Dad bought that ham at the grocery store.

Kate - insistent: Nooooo, Mom. Where does it COME from? What IS it?

Me: It is pork.

Kate: What is pork?

Me: A type of meat, like bacon, turkey, hamburger are meat.

Kate: Yes but MOM they come from ANIMALS. What ANIMAL does HAM COME FROM?

Me: A pig.

Kate - calmer than I expected: Really? Hmm. A pig, huh?

Me: Yes.

Pause while Kate thinks this over. I know what is coming. I am right....

Kate: You know, Mom. I have a movie about a really cute pig whose farmer wants to get rid of him. You know the one I am talking about?

Me: Yes, Charlotte's Web. We also read the book about it.

Kate: Yeah. He wants to kill the pig and eat him.

Me: NO response. Silent.

Kate: So I am kind of eating Wilbur. (Takes a big bite).

What can I say?!


Here are some shots from the weekend when we went to the amusement park and from when Nia and Gramps were over.

Happy Birthday, Liam!

I am finding it hard to believe that darling Liam is three years old!!! My, how time flies. He is such a sweet, bright, funny, loving, tumbling, tough, and - yes - terribly stubborn boy! :-) We adore him beyond measure and description and were so proud to celebrate his birthday! We had such fun - on Sunday we (the Harris crew, along with Patrick and Jillian, and Nia) went to the Mall of America to enjoy "Nickelodean Universe" which is the indoor amusement park. We all had a great time with the kids - log rides, Blue's Clues ride, Big Rig rides and so much more. Kate went on her first big kid roller coaster and loved it to bits, exclaiming at the end "Ooooooh, it's too bad it is over!" Liam and Kate both shot down the log ride flume with us, getting sprayed and laughing up a storm. We had a blast! The grown ups got to ride some pretty fun "big kid" rides as well!

On Monday, Liam's actual birthday, Gramps and Nia came over for cake, ice cream, and some presents. When I asked Liam what kind of a birthday party he wanted, he told me "my favorite color party! A green party!". Great idea! So a green party it was. So eco-chic of him, yes? :)

We all enjoyed green cake, presents, balloons, and more at a super fun little celebration for the terrific three year old. We got him a play tent and sleeping bag (all green, of course) since lately he has been wanting to play camping a lot and for some reason, dinosaurs always seem to find their way onto the campsite. We lucked out and found a green, dinosaur playtent! Perfect! He LOVES it and last night asked if he could sleep in his sleeping bag in his tent instead of going to bed (no - not just yet....Mommy needed a good night of sleep, so we will wait until maybe a weekend for that one!).

Happy Birthday my wonderful boy!