Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter

A few pics from a visit with the Easter bunny and the kids at the North Oaks Egg hunt. Kate announced that the bunny was not real because she could see that the bunny had on sneakers and said "REAL Easter Bunnies do NOT wear shoes".

Happy Easter!

Some more easter pics. I truly cannot handle the cuteness that is Liam. I adore that boy. Kate was thrilled to find the special silver egg in our PJ Easter Egg hunt

Lake times

Finally the snow is gone. While it is still chilly (50s with QUITE a brisk breeze) we were thrilled to get out and wander the lakepoint at Nia and Gramps' place. The kids love to look for rocks to toss into the lake and we threw the football around a bit.

Hut, hut! Go long!

Some shots of Kate and Liam "playing" football on the lakepoint with Nick. The ball is not in any of these shots, but I was there so can attest that it was being tossed around. :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Whistle Kiss

The other day Liam figured out how to whistle! He was blowing me a kiss and out came a whistle noise! Now he thinks that the only way to whistle is if he blows a kiss first, and if he just wants to blow a kiss, he makes sure to whistle.

What you may not know about me is I loathe whistling. It is, in no way to me, a cheerful noise. Rather, I find it grating and irritating. I really hate it when it is inserted into musical recordings as well (i.e., "Dont Worry Be Happy" does NOT make me happy).

However, despite that - I adore Liam's little whistle! It is too darn cute! Here is a video....