Sunday, April 07, 2013

Racing along

The handsome hubby has a new role within 3M. I don't have the exact title at my fingertips, but essentially he is managing the 3M partnership with NASCAR and the work with the 3M race team.  As such, he will traveling- a LOT - to NASCAR races, meetings, and events. A lot of the travel is over the weekend and it will probably be close to half the weekends in the year. That is a lot. But you know what? He loves the work! And he is right for the job! And I am SO SO SO SO proud of him!  All I want is for my husband to feel energized and valued in his work - and he does. So the rest is just details to manage and we will get by just fine. Plus, let's be honest, the boy child who has worshipped hot wheels since he could crawl now thinks that his Dad has the coolest job ever.

I was fortunate enough to join Nick on a trip recently. We went to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a race. Well, he was working and I bought my own ticket (wouldn't dream of mooching off the company). But I did get to zip on down to the track for some cool sights and interactions.  I got to be on the track pre-race and in the pits for the start of the race. I watched the rest of the race from the stands and it was SO MUCH FUN.  Racing is highly strategic, and when you listen in on a race radio you can hear all of it. It was a bunch of fun.

Congrats to the hubby on his role. It was great to meet so many terrific people that he will be spending so much time with.

Me next to the 3M car pre-race. They had donated the design to the American Red Cross that week to raise awareness. Community partnerships at their finest!

3M's driver, Greg Biffle

Jimmy Johnson walked right past me. 

So did Carl Edwards.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway!

In front of the 3M Car - on pit row

Inside the 3M hauler. SO NEAT! A whole office and workspace inside a semi! The cars ride above.

I saw Nick during my tour. Fun to see the hubby at work.

The boy just a teensy bit excited at the goodies we brought back for him.

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